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'Seagulls II' - 5x7 Nature Oil Painting
'Seagulls II' - 5x7 Nature Oil Painting
'Seagulls II' - 5x7 Nature Oil Painting

'Seagulls II' - 5x7 Nature Oil Painting

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What do you think of when you hear the calls of the seagulls? For me it means childhood or vacations. Visits to the seashore have a power of calm even when the winds blow and the waves crash. Where I grew up in Nova Scotia we had the highest tides in the world, and as an adult I still feel excitement for a roaring sea. The sounds of seagulls instantly transport me. And in these paintings I've aimed to keep the brushwork loose and free like a rush of wind off the ocean.

Despite life's stormy weather, let's allow nature to soothe us and this piece will bring you back to those seaside memories or dreams whenever you look upon it.

'Seagulls II' is a 5x7 oil painting with Windsor and Newton paints. This painting is a canvas panel, framed and ready to sit on a shelf in a hand-chosen vintage frame. The frame has its own character and flaws that add to the timelessness of the collection and is a perfect fit for this unique piece.

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