Fall/ Winter 2021 Home and Accessory Items Coming to the Shop!

Fall/ Winter 2021 Home and Accessory Items Coming to the Shop!

Is it time for something different? I think so!

I've taken some of my classic work that compliments cozy autumn and crisp winter tones to offer you a new way to get original art in your homes. Original because these are not your typical big box store items - each piece is printed from art I personally created,

I'd like to show you some of the options ahead of time but note that while I may bring them back this initial trial will be limited to 1 week of shopping and no more.

Currently in the works:

Two collections: 'The Birds' Collection of 'Snowy Owl', 'Doves' and 'Black Swan' will grace your home with classic black & white and 'Nurture & Nature' Collection of 'Morning', 'Goodnight Moon' and 'Dandelion' have the coziest autumn tones...

EACH design will be available as easy care, linen feel cushion covers, Secret reveal mugs which start glossy black and show the image when hot liquid is poured in and gorgeous, durable totes (holds up to 44lbs)

Nurture & Nature bagsNurture & Nature cushion coversNature & Nurture mugs by Shannon Emmanuel

Snowy Owl Pillow Shannon EmmanuelBlack Swan BagDoves Secret Reveal Mug  Dandelion Cushion Shannon EmmanuelGoodnight Moon Tote Shannon EmmanuelMorning Secret ?Reveal Mug

Birds Totes by Shannon EmmanuelBirds cushion covers by Shannon EmmanuelBirds mugs by Shannon Emmanuel

Each item is ordered and then printed on request. This means the items are not 'ready to ship' until they've been created for you! And since we are bound to run into shipping delays the later we get into the year I want the first release of these to go quickly and smoothly.

Currently these items will be produced and shipped from the US. If you are in Canada the shipping times have been favorable but I am also working at finding a manufacturer in Canada to make things easier for cross-border shipping.

If you have any questions, let me know! I'm happy to answer them. Send me your questions through my contact page here


Watch the Secret Revel Mug in Action...


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