Portfolio of Shannon Emmanuel

Enjoy just some of the ethereal works by Shannon Emmanuel in private collections in Canada, the US and Europe


Barn by Shannon Emmanuel  Finding Home by Shannon Emmanuel   Wonderland by Shannon Emmanuel  Faded Glory by Shannon Emmanuel


2023 Spring Square Foot Show

Shannon Emmanuel flower headed girl painting Shannon Emmanuel flower headed girl painting Shannon Emmanuel flower headed girl painting Shannon Emmanuel flower headed girl painting


2022 'Sea Glass Memories' 

The Storm Watcher  Wonder by Shannon Emmanuel Moonlight  Searching by Shannon Emmanuel  Seaside by Shannon Emmanuel


2021 'Summer Memories' Graphite Sketch Collection 

          and 11 more!


2021 'Gwen et Gloria' Inspired Collection 



2021 'Nurture & Nature' Collection 

 Nightfall by Shannon Emmanuel  Goodnight Moon by Shannon Emmanuel  Dandelion by Shannon Emmanuel The Wandering by Shannon Emmanuel  The Daydream by Shannon Emmanuel    Morning by Shannon Emmanuel


2020 'Golden Horizons' Collection 

 Distant Horizons by Shannon EmmanuelGlimmer of Hope by Shannon EmmanuelHome Horizons by Shannon EmmanuelOctober Horizons by Shannon EmmanuelGolden Horizons Floral by Shannon Emmanuel 


2020 'I Remember the Sea' Collection 

Dandelion by Shannon Emmanuel Waiting by Shannon Emmanuel  Seagulls by Shannon Emmanuel  I Remember the Sea by Shannon Emmanuel


Previous Work

Floral Headed Girls

Gardenia 2019  Lavender 2019 by Shannon Emmanuel  Hydrangea by Shannon Emmanuel

Inquire for current 'Floral Headed Girls' available.


 Whimsical Animals

Kintsugi - The Raven and the Fawn Kintsugi Deer by Shannon Emmanuel

 Sleeping Tiger by Shannon Emmanuel  Snowy Owl by Shannon Emmanuel  Squeaky Clean by Shannon Emmanuel  


Children and Animals

Storybook Winter by Shannon Emmanuel  Storybook Bear  


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