GIVEAWAY! Free Art Card to Show I Care

GIVEAWAY! Free Art Card to Show I Care

Hi Friends!

What a week. Busy, busy, busy...wrapping up summer, trying to clean house and now for fall I'm planning on homeschooling too! Also we got a welcome addition to the sister had a baby and we are so grateful she and baby are safe and sound.

As busy as I am with my family, I remember that this year has cost a lot of pain with separation and distance for many. A little note wishing you well and sharing my joy in painting is my way of saying you are important. As a keepsake, or framed, these images are meant to say powerful messages of their own.

Whether you've gotten a card from me before or not, this is open to anyone who wants to join my 'Studio Insider's List' to get one of these limited card prints FREE! 

Three of the free cards you can choose from feature images from my recent collection 'I Remember the Sea'. The fourth is a special image called 'Kintsugi - The Raven and the Fawn' from my Animal Originals.

The stories that inspired the images are available on their online descriptions, but they each share a thread. They mean wishing well. They mean healing and they mean hope.

'Courage' is about optimism in the face of adversity.


Courage - Shannon Emmanuel Art

'Kintsugi - The Raven and the Fawn' is about helping others heal and seeing beauty in recovery.

 Kintsugi - Shannon Emmanuel Art

'Waiting' is about standing on watch for others, being a light in the darkness, dependable and always hopeful.

 Waiting - Shannon Emmanuel Art

'Dandelion Dreams II' is about the beauty in simple things, dreaming and wishing.

 Dandelions - Shannon Emmanuel Art


How to Receive a Card? Subscribe to my 'Studio Insider's List' at or contact me to add you. The offer is good until Aug. 31, 2020 but I will make more offers available so sign up anytime!

 I hope to hear from you soon, and you'll hear back from me!



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Such a wonderful idea. Found you via Instagram (@christinaelysec) – would love to receive “courage” – are you sending to the US?


Hi Shannon,
What a lovely offer! I will choose the Dandelions Dreams.
Thank you so much,

Sherry Brownlee

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