'Golden Horizons' Collection Release Date

'Golden Horizons' Collection Release Date

Hi Friends,

I want to thank you again for the recent mailings I was able to send out of a free art card to subscribers. While the official offer has ended I am happy to complete one for you if you missed out. Just send me an email.

In more recent news, I am selecting Oct. 7 as the RELEASE date for the new collection. Oil paintings of blue or grey skies with golden horizons to remind you to be hopeful through life's storms and to enjoy the moments that make you feel like anything is possible.

beach sunset - Shannon Emmanuel ArtBlue Sky Shannon Emmanuel ArtLake - Shannon Emmanuel Art

Here's some pieces I've recently unveiled on Instagram. They remind me of many places I've been or am connected to. Please follow the journey of the collection and the stories behind each piece there. There will also be some figurative pieces, so watch for those closer to the release!


Have you ever felt like a change was coming and wondered if you should move in that direction or stay where you are? This collection embodies that mood. The transient feel of the 'blue hour' before or after the the sun rises or falls is a moment of change that feels special and it happens each morning and evening. The first or last glimmers on the horizon remind us that it will soon be gone and a new day or night will follow.

I commented on Instagram recently that being grateful is integral to happiness. We are here in smoke filled skies remembering the beauty of nature at the beginning of quarantine. Things change, but I hold on to the feelings of standing in the fresh air, amazed by the glistening horizon, and these paintings can do that for you too.

I wish you to stay inspired with life and think you'll find these little gems of blue, gold and grey will give you a space to reflect, to find peace in moving forward or joy in staying where you are.

Glimmer - Shannon Emmanuel Art

All the best, and please sign up for the 'Studio Insider's' list at www.shannonemmanuel.com if you would like early access and special offers for this and future collections.



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