June 2021 Collection: 9 Squares 'Gwen et Gloria'

June 2021 Collection: 9 Squares 'Gwen et Gloria'

Before such chaotic times I have always dreamed of going to France. The love of art, beautiful buildings, food and clothes. The mix of classic and nouveau. 

So when I encountered an online boutique in France on Instagram that featured vintage clothing and captured each piece with the artistry of a fashion magazine, I was smitten. It wasn't just the photos, it was that in the small squares of Instagram a story was told.

 Gwen et Gloria Lace shirt Gwen et Gloria Seal Gwen et Gloria White Flowers

The things we use and touch everyday can become intricate parts of our story as are the special, one-of-a-kind moments which celebrate and mark our days. If anything, in these times, have we not developed a deeper appreciation for the sentimental?

A favourite denim jacket you wear every day? A treasured gold chain from your grandmother? A vintage lace dress pulled from a trunk in the attic? Or a simple bouquet - each piece we touch can remind us who we are or what our dreams are.

What I loved about the photos by @gwenetgloriavintagestudio, was that intermixed with the clothing is a sense of appreciation for the work others have left behind as well as the act of starting over, celebrating each piece as it is today.

It felt like a story I wanted to be part of. So with the limitations of travel I've joined up with the lovely Mandi of @gwenetgloriavintagestudio who has kindly let me use her photos as inspiration for my new series '9 Squares' based on the classic nine squares of an Instagram page. 

While the world continues to interact virtually and we find inspiration worlds apart, I am honored to bring these simple photos the artistic treatment. Each one will remind us of special items and moments. Taking time to appreciate them. Savoring the well made, the delicate, the details, the classic. 

I have found so much inspiration from home and style curators on Instagram that I may try a '9 Square' project again. But for my first attempt I hope you will find your special piece amongst the collection which will be called 'Gwen et Gloria'


photo credit: shirt and flowers by @gwenetgloriavintagestudio

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