New Collection of Original Works Coming Feb 27, 2021

New Collection of Original Works Coming Feb 27, 2021

UPDATE: Release Date Feb 27

Do you love being outside? It's where I find it easiest to shake off the stress and feel at peace again during these strange times where home is the busiest place it has ever been.

Perhaps that's why the outdoor world of Jane Austen and women who find peace and strength from cool grey skies and rusty grasses inspires my original oil paintings coming available February 24, 2021.

Night mists, fields of white butterflies and dry grasses rustling on a walk by the river...These moments bring so much inner calm during chaotic times. 

Field - Shannon Emmanuel Art  daydream Shannon Emmanuel Art  daydreamer Shannon Emmanuel Art

Complimenting the trend for moodier interiors and literary and nature infused styles, these pieces are warm, rich and dreamlike in tone while still real, rustic and traditional in feel.

Jane Austen used nature in a wonderful way to give voice to unspoken emotions. She seemed to use nature as an antidote to being guarded. Outside, the strict rules that stifled women in the home might be relaxed to allow for personal thought and feelings.

The power of crashing waves or sudden storms helped women embrace their bravery or sadness openly -  open fields and silent walks accompanied gentle moments of reflection and feelings of freedom.

I want to celebrate women and honor their need to feel peaceful and in tune with themselves while often filling so many roles and giving so much of themselves to each one. Each of the pieces of my new collection includes a woman, outside of the home, part of the larger world, yet wholly herself. 

I look forward to sharing them with you!

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