'I Remember the Sea' Original Oil Painting Collection Release!

'I Remember the Sea' Original Oil Painting Collection Release!

Tuesday, July 28, 'I Remember the Sea' Collection will be Released at 12:00 pm PST. Admittedly I’m a bit nervous, but I’m also very glad to have created this collection of original oil paintings featuring the grey's of a stormy sea and the warm gold of fire. It has a strong message of nostalgia and hope.

I created these since isolation began, but the world continues to change every day. And it has only enhanced the message. It’s ok to miss what was comfortable, time with friends, family who may be gone or we are isolated from, coffee shops or restaurants, employment even. But we also need hope and adventure. This new stage is forcing new ways of living, and like so many people before us, hardship requires optimism and courage.

In my small way I’ve celebrated courage and trying new things and these paintings reflect that. To be quiet and reflective and seek ways of comforting others and keeping them safe. To learn how to appreciate the simple things and not take each other for granted. To accept stormy weather. To maintain inner peace.

I want you to feel connected to the best parts of yourself during these difficult times. These paintings can help you remember how it feels to stand by a roaring ocean, hear the seagulls, blow dandelion seeds like a child and share family photos and stories. Parts you can connect with at any time you need them.

The stormy greys and glints of brass and gold work together to create unique pieces. You will find texture, glimmer and details in each piece along with a story available with each one. The 8x10 oils in gallery frames are ready to hang as soon as you get them. The 5x7s have each been selected a vintage frame with its own unique flaws and character that add to the overall aesthetic and will look great perched on a shelf or table.

I am so glad to share these with you. Please enjoy them and be sure to ask me any questions.




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