Remembering What All This Was About...

Remembering What All This Was About...

Hi there! It feels like more than a month since I posted but time is very relative these days isn't it?

Recently I felt a tug between returning to my art in a more explorative way which for me is what art is all about - discovery - then I felt tugged back to keeping my business hat on and producing work for sale that was following trends. It did not pan out very well. But that's ok, because art, like many things in life, is a way to test if you are in tune with yourself.

Creating Art by Shannon Emmanuel

Creating work that inspires imagination and tells stories is my true love

Finding the Challenge is Half the Fun...

Maybe for you its about baking or gardening or knitting - a creative outlet that sometimes you're mastering, sometimes you are successfully learning and sometimes you are finding challenging. In fact, I think the challenging bits often produce the best results in time if you take what you've learned, do you agree?

So it is with art and the business side of it. I've always been the kind of artist that wants to learn and challenge myself. And that does not really work well with a business that thrives on predictability and schedules. So I had to take a step back and see how art was going to both be created and's what I've come up with during my little sabbatical...

Misty Meadows Artwork Faded Barn

Playing with new concepts - art that shows layers of how it's made!

A Creative, Chaotic Mind Trying to Plan Ahead...

First: I want to share my love of creating with others. It really is a beautiful fuel to my creativity to welcome others into my world. And to do that I have to create work that can be shared and sold.

Second: I have very little time as a mom to indulge in the creative side of art making as well as the administrative side of art selling. So I need to carve out time for those activities if I want to be present in all my roles.

Third: I'm at my most authentic an introvert that likes to work alone and in my head and stew on my inspirations and try new things with no timelines before sharing. I love people but not crowds. I love sharing but not the act of selling.

And as an addition to that I struggle with some health issues that can get in the way of making my commitments, so there's that too.

So...What will I do?



Looking at Seasons instead of Days

Attempting a New Rhythm

One thing I loved learning as a homeschool parent is that rhythms can replace schedules. Maybe you have already tried this. But it takes a more wide view of what needs to be done and allows for flexibility. I think of it like Seasons - despite our calendars the Seasons begin and end when they are ready, but they are reliable. Here's how it should look for me...

First: I will work on creating new things behind the scenes without necessarily turning them into collections with deadlines. Some works may be just experimental, some may be submitted to shows and galleries and as I see something cohesive appear they will then find their way into collections through my online studio and social media. I will also open my print shop more regularly and add new things as they are available. This means no more waiting months to get your hands on art!!

Second: I've created a rough schedule that includes two weekdays where I get to focus on creative and administrative tasks rather than kid and household ones. Yes! I've even delegated meals - how's that for figuring things out?!

Third: I'm stepping back indefinitely from social media as a daily 'fix'. It's not what it was but I still find so much inspiration, comradery and community there I will not leave behind. I will however post more on Pinterest (click to follow) as I'm creating, and I'll share more updates monthly with my 'Studio Insiders' subscribed newsletter to keep everyone in the loop!

I'm really hoping this new approach creates stronger relationships, stronger work and a stronger me. If you have tips that have worked for you in handling your time as a busy but creative mom or with chronic health please drop me a comment! I'd love to learn from you.

Thanks for being here on this creative journey. I truly hope you find something special today.



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