The New 'Golden Horizons' Collection coming Fall 2020

The New 'Golden Horizons' Collection coming Fall 2020

Hi Friends!

I'm so happy to announce my new collection in the works - 'Golden Horizons'. Let me tell you a bit about it.

Have you ever noticed the sky just before dawn or just after sunset? It goes from Azure to Indigo to an inky black-blue while still, at the horizon, the first or last glimmers of gold shine through.

Golden Horizons Paint - Shannon Emmanuel Art Two Paintings - Shannon Emmanuel Art

This time, called the 'blue hour' is a transient time that feels almost other-worldly. The day is gently rousing or drifting to sleep. Soon all will be bathed in brightness or darkness. It is temporary and tranquil.

With this moody and beautiful palette I am working on a collection that brings the tranquility of twilight, the message of hope on the horizon and the story of new beginnings.

My life has been altered by journeys. Sometimes you can't imagine a world other than the one you know, but each journey can bring you gifts you didn't imagine. They are my golden horizons. Unknown but beautiful.

One of my horizons led me to the life I lead now. My marriage and children would not have existed had I not believed good things were possible on the other side of the journey. I am grateful for them and want to share that sense of belief and hope with you.

Please join me in the story by following me on Instagram where I will be sharing the work behind the collection over the next few weeks. Or sign up as a Subscriber to my 'Studio Insider's' List to learn more at

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