When Life is Your Muse...a Momma and Artist

When Life is Your Muse...a Momma and Artist

Now that it's September it's time to get back to routine and art and all the other things that make life go round. How's your fall so far?

You may know I have two children home schooling this year. Grades Kindergarten and Six. Getting into a routine that includes their needs as well as adjusting for the ability to socialize will be new for us.

Also we are all adjusting to my eldest daughter marrying earlier this month. So yes, a Momma full of emotions is here! So much of my work has been directly or indirectly inspired by my children and my eldest has always been a big part of that.

Tea  party tea cups stacked Tea cups stacked for my daughter’s bridal shower

I still have one adult daughter at home but life looks so different now! I am hoping to soak up this time with her. As a parent who has been both a young mom and a mature mom (my first child at 23 and my last at 40) I see the first five years and the final five as both extremely important times to focus intently on our kids. So much of my art is about capturing the stages of a girl’s life and imagination that I feel I've come full circle with this new season.

Speaking to that, I didn't get very many pictures of the wedding as I spent the day trying to just be there for my girls (they were all bridal party members) and take in their beauty and growth and the gorgeous surroundings of the reception at our friend's farm. The corn fields and chandeliers and string lights along with the rustic barn and a vintage couch and dried floral touches was just filling me up with inspiration! I wish I had more pictures but I’m glad that wasn’t a distraction at the time.

 Wedding bouquet Bridal flowers for a country wedding

Speaking of distraction, I’ve been struggling to find time to paint this year - a collection anyhow. I did squeeze in some personal growth opportunities with an inspiring course by artist Louise Fletcher that helped me experiment more and create work unique to me and some of these originals are now available as fine art prints!

One small series I created explored texture and layers of runny paints that gave a watercolour effect in oil to three pieces inspired by my girls in the summer and the sea salt air of the beach. The collection I've entitled 'Sea Salt' is now in print. Check it out…

 Sea salt original fine art prints  The new 'Sea Salt' collection of prints

The other painting newly available is inspired by a beautiful, old barn. A centurion that captures my heart every day. She seems to have captured several more hearts as the original was quickly scooped up and I've had various inquiries on prints. So without further ado...here is 'Faded Glory'...

Faded glory original fine art print  'Faded Glory' print now available

If you have subscribed to my newsletter you will know when the print shop opens and closes as well as which new prints have been listed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.

I am beginning to see the seeds of inspiration rooting and long to get back to working on a collection so if you are interested in following that journey please be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will share work in progress! 


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