How an Idea Becomes a Painting...The Journey of an Artist

How an Idea Becomes a Painting...The Journey of an Artist

A little piece of my mind remains distracted as I search for my next collection. The piece that says 'What will you make?' 'Will others want it?' 'What will sell?'. 

I wrestle with that for awhile, searching for inspiration and a story that resonates with me and questioning if its the right one - but then I stop myself and ask 'Why?'

Artist Shannon Emmanuel 

Waiting for inspiration

'Why Do I Create Art in the First Place?'

I create to give myself peace. A place where I seek connection to myself and my children. To celebrate childhood, stories and nature. To capture moments where I felt content, no matter what was going on around me.

I explained to someone recently that I feel most creative in a headspace I'd liken to the lingering feeling of coming out of a theatre. Still caught up in a story that is no longer there - maybe not even real. But nonetheless a story that held me. I want my art to feel like that for you whenever you look at it.

So the first part is for me to enjoy the feeling of creating - the second part is for the you to feel the same peace when you bring your art home...

 Wonder Sketch Shannon Emmanuel

Initial sketch of 'Wonder' from a photo of my daughter

'How Do I Create a Collection?'

As a mom of four in a small house it can be hard to get the physical and mental space I need to create. That means it takes time to balance the family needs and mine. To carve out a place where I am not pulled back too quickly to the day-to-day needs and wants. Often in the evening, sometimes while my husband watches tv and the kids have all dispersed.

It can take months for a story to reveal itself. Each piece becomes a chapter.

I watch the world around me and scour my photographs. And I sketch. And then I think about all those inspirations and churn them around waiting to see what comes to the top - what features are common? What story? Which colors tell it best?

And I share - I share on IG when I have any trouble editing down my ideas. And here's where there may be a change...

 Painting Wonder by Shannon Emmanuel  Wonder by Shannon Emmanuel

Creating the 'Sea Glass Memories' Collection - 'The Storm Watcher' and 'Wonder'

'How Can I Share my Art Making With You?'

I've relied heavily on IG over the past two years to connect with new collectors and share my work. I will continue to do so...however...I really want those who sign up for my newsletter to be part of my Studio  and see their own stories reflected in my work. Instagram may disappear one day, but I don't want us to.

So to include you more in my work I want to offer several benefits as a 'Studio Insider' - an insight into my work beyond what I share on IG and hopefully some opportunities for free downloads (working on it!) and finally I always offer a window to shop or other special offer on originals that is exclusive to the 'Studio Insider' subscribers as a thank you.

Once a month I'll tie all the updates into one email where I hope to share more behind-the-scenes in posts like this as well as get feedback on future work and times for releases. I will only share with you when I truly believe I have something you would want to know. 

Only collection release updates will be separate.

'I Want To Connect With You'

I've always said my art has only half its life when I create it...It needs a home that knows it's story better than I do. So let me know what part of the creative journey you want me to share here...I'm happy to hear from you! If you haven't already, please head on over here and sign up so we can begin journeying together.



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I’m so grateful for your comments!

Lindsay – Im so glad that description faces you that feeling. It’s very true for me!

Nanette – thank you, I appreciate that feedback. Thé sharing has to be genuine and comfortable but I also want to be guided where and how by those who are most interested in my work.

Im glad for some the blog is a way for me to share more. Thanks for taking the time to reply 💛


I love learning about your creative head space and I love your comparison to leaving a theater. While I haven’t been in a theater in years, I instantly recalled that feeling. Such a great description! Thank you for sharing with us ❤


Shannon – everyone’s creative process is different so share what you need. I’m totally flexible.abd continue to be in awe of your work.

Nanette McKinney

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