Inspired by Memories - the 'I Remember the Sea' Oil Painting Collection

Inspired by Memories - the 'I Remember the Sea' Oil Painting Collection


What a day it's been! Being my first 'official' release I can only say that I am so grateful for the opportunity to paint, to share and to connect with people over any distance by sharing a part of my creative energy with them.

I was curious how many would relate to these works. They were a different energy for me because instead of focusing on my children or the future, it had an element of my childhood and the past.

This collection is not outwardly as joyful or colourful as some of my previous work. With everything going on in the world  I was feeling perhaps a little lost and then tapping into the creative energy that moved me to draw from the beginning, when I was a child; the tragic but enchanting books I read, being shy and introverted with a busy mind full of distracting thoughts, poems and musings. And of course, the strong healing power of being near water and wind and the coast. 

We have all, as a human race, been struggling and I think it is perfectly normal for us to question ourselves and where we fit in. This cutting-off of the outside world of friends, family and workmates maybe gives us a little permission to examine ourselves and get to know ourselves better.

And if getting in touch with that 'inner child' feels a little sad, that's ok. Perhaps you left that individual behind for various reasons. I chose to embrace her and see what the me I left behind wanted to say and this was it. It was gentle, wistful and quiet, but the roar of the ocean and the sparkle of breaking light says optimism is still there. 

My newest collector said she felt 'haunted, in a good way' by the painting she selected. That absolutely warms my heart. I feel that about each one.

I hope this stepping stone to my next series will find more of you nodding your head in agreement - saying "I feel that too". I look forward to sharing more about this collection and what I'm working towards with you.

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