2021 'Summer Memories' Graphite Collection

2021 'Summer Memories' Graphite Collection

Are you fascinated with how an artist creates or the old sketches of painters that show the creation process?  I've been thinking about how to share a different part of an artist's way of looking at things and it was suggested to me to share my graphite sketches with you.

Sketches are where I (and many artists) begin the creative journey. They are where imagination can start playing with ideas and seeing what comes out. Some are inspired by life - even photos I take when I catch my kids or a landscape enthralling me - others come from pure imagination but tinged with the stories, places and people I love.

This collection is curated from my own sketch books - I've chosen 15 sketches that stand alone as complete pieces in themselves. They may have looser lines and evidence of erasing and changing - but that is the charm. They embrace a little more freedom of thought.

Quite literally, like the pressed flower between the pages of a book can bring back the moment you plucked it, a sketch can be created almost anywhere - the beach, the couch, the backyard - it is a piece of the experience.

Shannon Emmanuel Girls sketch Sketches Shannon Emmanuel rocks Shannon Emmanuel

I am delighted to share them with you on Saturday, September 25, 2021. They will go live at 1:00 pm PST for subscribers and 2:00 pm for the public.

Subscribers will get a special link for private access.. Please head to www.ShannonEmmanuel.com to sign up as a 'Studio Insider' to get the link which will be sent the evening before!

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