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 Shannon Emmanuel Artist

Shannon is an oil and acrylic painter creating ethereal figurative and landscape works on canvas that capture the dreaminess, quiet and solitude she cherished as a child, reading books and enjoying nature in her rural Nova Scotia home. Her grandmother, a librarian, and her father, a former artist, were instrumental in encouraging her love of creating and storytelling.

The freedom to explore her own sources of inspiration created the concept of storytelling in her work. To recapture the feeling that getting caught up in a book evokes - that vague sense that there was more behind the everyday. That each person is, in fact, part of a wonderful story unfolding.

Once moving to BC and having her four beautiful, biracial daughters surrounded by the enchanting mountains and landscape, she began to create paintings that placed her children in the world of what is typically a European style of art. As muses for stories of women and girls in natural or whimsical worlds – or fictional scenes with mist and animals for them to visit in their minds.

As a mother, Shannon is inspired everyday revisiting childhood with them. For the younger ones, their natural curiosity of the world and fascination with imaginary stories, for the older ones, the process of learning about themselves and their place in the world.

Shannon’s art  encourages the viewer to stay curious, to connect with nature and to be inspired by their inner world as it narrates their own everlasting story.

Mom and girls shannon emmanuel art  Shannon Emmanuel ArtMy girls Shannon Emmanuel Art   Shannon Emmanuel Artist

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Nova Scotia and moved to British Columbia in 1995, Shannon's work has been shown as a student in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and local juried shows at 100 Braid St Studios in New Westminster, the ACT Art Gallery in Maple Ridge, Place des Arts in Millardville, Coquitlam, the Pitt Meadows Art Gallery, several commercial properties and local municipal displays and participated in the 2023 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Her work delves into the world of daydreaming, recapturing the ability of children to create imaginative scenes in their everyday environments. Storybooks and her own introverted, creative mind furnish many ideas to appeal to the hearts of adults and children alike.

Shannon's work can be found in collections across Canada, the USA and Europe. 

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