'I Remember the Sea' Collection to be Released July 28th

'I Remember the Sea' Collection to be Released July 28th

I am so delighted that I have the opportunity to bring together a series of paintings that are so personal to me and yet, so open to your own reflections. The release date is July 28, 2020 with an early access pass if you've signed up for the 'Studio Insider's List'. Please sign up now!

'I Remember the Sea' is all about nostalgia and dreams and stories. It's meant to transport you to another place which is what art is all about. A place you've been, a place you've imagined, or a place you wish to be.


I've created this collection for you to enjoy those memories, moments and dreams in your home whenever you gaze upon them. The collection of paintings, made with Windsor and Newton Artist's oil paints, have the characteristic depth and sheen of traditional works of oil. 

The collection includes both portraits and scenes that depict the ocean spirit - grey skies, gulls, dandelion seeds caught on the wind and mysterious girls whose stories are waiting to be told. They have a storybook sensibility and essence of being pulled from another time. Honoring the many women and children of history whose endurance and fortitude is remembered and a spark that respects the modern adventurer's spirit.

The small 5x7's are framed in original, vintage brass frames which adds to their unique characters. The larger 8x10's are framed in high quality, solid wood, gallery quality frames with gold foil. These are pieces to be proud of!

'I Remember the Sea' will add a unique sense of calm and whimsy to your collection and become a treasured piece for a long time. Please stay tuned for their upcoming release.

Contact me for details if you are interested and be sure to request adding to the 'Studio Insider's List' if you have not already.

Keep Safe!



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