Inspired by Misty Mornings

Inspired by Misty Mornings

I was experimenting with black and white acrylics when I got struck with the idea to try some misty meadows inspired by my morning view of old barns and heavy autumn fog that burns off as the day warms.

Then I added a horse...My 10 year old daughter loves horses at the moment and when I see them in the meadows as I walk my dog, Kida, nearby on the rivers edge, they remind me of my home in Nova Scotia where I grew up with a field behind us where three horses greeted us at the end of school days. 

Light in the Dark by Shannon Emmanuel  Morning Light by Shannon Emmanuel


With these inspirations in mind I began playing with a concept of time. Old photos. black and white becoming tinted. I have a series of photographs on my walls that were my grandmothers and their softness and nostalgia reminded me of what I love about older things. Bringing the past with us. Making our story. 

At the moment this created a small swirl of paintings. Little momentos of life as we've lived quietly for the past few years, and as colour begins to saturate our lives again. May we appreciate all of these parts of our story and bring them with us.

Close up of the Barn by Shannon Emmanuel Old photo by Shannon Emmanuel

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