New Collection Coming in January 2022...

New Collection Coming in January 2022...

Announcing my newest collection coming in January 2022 - 'Sea Glass Memories'. A collection capturing misty scenes and whimsical dreams into gentle and bright original oil paintings just for you...

Sea glass or beach glass or Mermaid's Tears - whatever you call them, these humble gems hold us in the moment. Savoring the wind and waves and shores of whatever coast we are on...the soft hues and watery colours remarkably at home where they were never meant to be.

As friends and family started to explore the sea again this year I was reminded how poignant our ocean memories are. No matter how distant in the past or how far into the future - our time with the sea holds us by filling every sense - and quieting our restless minds- so that we yearn to be by her again.

Would you like a peek?

Combining the soft tones of the ocean into original art...

Art and Sea Star by Shannon Emmanuel Art  Sea Glass Memories  Painting by Shannon Emmanuel Art  

Some of the inspiration photos from my collection - including a beautiful seascape by @madebycarli

Shannon Emmanuel Art - Sea Glass Inspiration

Soft yellow skies and grey water in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver - Shannon Emmanuel Art


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In creating this collection I spent time researching art that inspires me from past artists like Turner, Degas and Homer to create something old and something new. I can't wait to share more with you! Watch for the next update!


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