Nurture & Nature Collection Preview

Nurture & Nature Collection Preview

View the Collection Feb 27, 2021

Time to Step Outside for the 'Nurture & Nature' Collection

It's been a very confining winter for all of us - aren't you longing for some time outside? Well, although home life was different this year I can say I did use the indoor months for something truly enjoyable.

I spent the winter imagining and creating - giving in to my love of nature and literature by creating a collection of work that feels dreamlike and restful. Like a walk in nature and the ending of a good book. Just what we need right now.

 Nurture & Nature: Each piece speaks to the need for rest, time to connect with nature or a moment to reflect. Filled with rusty golds, soft sages and warm greys, they will bring a feeling of comfort and peace to your home.

Here's a Preview

Goodnight Moon Shannon Emmanuel Art   The Night Shannon Emmanuel Art   The Wandering Shannon Emmanuel Art  The Daydreamer Shannon Emmanuel Art  The Morning Shannon Emmanuel Art  


What's more, I'm so happy that I'm finding more people who are connecting to my choice of representation. My biracial children are my muses and I love creating work that is inspired by them. It's part of the harmony my work - my inspirations and my life.

 What's in the Collection?

 There will be 6 pieces in total. Four are 11x14 panels  which I will share a framing tutorial on Instagram for this coming week. One 18x24 portrait on deep canvas (she's my largest portrait ever released!) and one 24x31 (approx) landscape. 

 I have been sharing bits and pieces on Instagram so please check it out as well as some previews I've included here. (One will be a surprise!) If you have any questions please send me an Email. I'd love to hear from you!



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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Pepper! Losing a pet is so so hard. Thinking of you and when your ready, can’t wait to see the release. xoxo

Missi Smith

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