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Release Date for the Inspired by Gwen et Gloria Collection of Original Oil Paintings

Please mark your calendar for JUNE 12! Some French vintage fashion inspired lovely original works will be available for you...

Fresh and clean - bright white backgrounds behind gauzy summer blouses, classic denim and charming bouquets - this collection really represents the move towards appreciating quality. Things of lasting value. Savoring the experience of living.

 gwen et gloria by shannon emmanuel

I have long admired the French culture for blending new with old. Fashion and quality. Heirlooms and aesthetics that stand the test of time. As well as the little things in life like good coffee and fresh flowers. And they love art!

These paintings capture appreciation for the artistic, well crafted home and life. Each stroke of paint captures a moment that can last forever. If you choose vintage or handcrafted and quality over quantity - these are for you. I'm sure you will love these classic yet contemporary pieces for your home. 

 Gwen et Gloria Painting by Shannon Emmanuel gwen et gloria by Shannon Emmanuel Gwen et Gloria Painting by Shannon Emmanuel Gwen et Gloria Painting by Shannon Emmanuel 

Instagram account @gwenetgloriavintagestudio is a vintage fashion shop in France that caught my eye last year. The compositions and celebration of quality and living were so apparent.

I was so inspired I've taken some of her remarkable photographs and reinterpreted them into eight original art pieces. The compositions are kept but are painted with a freedom and generous amount of liberty to create something fresh and light - not to capture the likeness so much as the mood of each.

I am honored that my muse has enjoyed these works and now it is time to share them with YOU.


The date is set for June 12 but the time of the release has been strictly kept to my Studio Insider subscribers. You can sign up at to get first chance at these sentimental favourites!


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