Sea Glass Collection PRIVATE Release January 14, 2022

Sea Glass Collection PRIVATE Release January 14, 2022

Remember the feeling of damp sand squeezing between your toes? The rush of the wind and the call of seagulls? The deep breaths you released as the crashing waves soothed you? Did you pull a blanket over your shoulders and gaze upon the moon as it rose above an inky ocean? 

I know you've collected some precious memories or have tucked away some beach dreams within you. Me too. Especially over these past two years have I found that access to someplace so free and constant makes me happy, even if its in my imagination.

These paintings have been thoughtfully created - inspired by some of my favourite Masters painters, my own children's visits to the beach and my personal memories to capture some of that ocean nostalgia that can bring you back again and again.

The Storm Watcher by Shannon Emmanuel  Remember by Shannon Emmanuel  Wonder by Shannon Emmanuel   

The collection will be privately released to Studio Insiders on January 14 at 12pm PST. Along with early access I will be giving you FREE SHIPPING to Canada and the US for 24 hours before releasing the collection to the public.

It's easy to become a Studio Insider if you're not already...Just go here and add your email to the list! And if you already are on it be sure to check your spam emails to get the link for the Collection Release!

I'm so thrilled with these pieces. I wanted to create even more but this small collection of six original paintings hold big visions. Both dreamlike and nostalgic.

  Sea Glass Memories Collection by Shannon Emmanuel  Wonder by Shannon Emmanuel Sea Glass Memories Collection

Two of the pieces are the largest size I work on approximately 24x31"" and will be perfect feature pieces above a mantle or sofa. Two are medium approximately 18x24" and two are 11x14" and 12x16". They will certainly hold their own above a chair or small table or mixed into a gallery wall. 

If you need any help envisioning them in your home, reach out to me and I will help you!


Have any questions? I'm always available to answer. Go to my contact page and let me know what I can help you with!

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