'Open Water' Collection Release

A captivating collection of ocean-themed paintings sharing our profound connection with the sea.

"We've always loved the ocean and sought it's solace for winter walks or summer day trips from before we had children until now, with our expanded family.

But as we step into a new season, farther from the ocean and with two children already married and gone, life with our smaller family in a new home will doubtless have us facing new challenges and adventures.

This collection is so meaningful to me as I release it as the last collection from our family home in the old farmhouse. These paintings are a part of letting go.

Whatever your journey is right now, my wish is the stories behind these paintings may help you feel understood and possibly find a piece that reminds you to look to Open Skies in the future.

"Open Water" is a vivid exploration of the ocean's duality, from its wild, untamed essence to its serene, contemplative beauty, all bound together in a breathtaking visual narrative

Thank you for allowing me to share these with you."


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A unique collection of three watercolours on panel and three oil paintings, these six soothing and moody original paintings will remind you of ocean memories and dreams. Which one speaks to you?

Find out the inspiration behind each piece...

CLICK HERE at 9am PST Monday

Evening Sky by Shannon Emmanuel
'Evening Sky'
Rose and gold skies perfect for dreamers 
8x10" Watercolour
Sail Away by Shannon Emmanuel
'Sail Away'
When the ocean calls will you answer?
8x10" Oil
Rough Sea by Shannon Emmanuel
'Rough Sea'
Telling the story of friendship in troubled times
8x10" Watercolour
Open Skies by Shannon Emmanuel
'Open Skies'
Your biggest adventures await you...what do you see?
16x20" Oil

Lost at Sea by Shannon Emmanuel

'Lost at Sea'

Wild and untamed cascading waves capture the beauty of watercolor

12x12" Watercolour

Deep Breaths by Shannon Emmanuel

'Deep Breaths'

A tiny jewel is your portal to the sea in this mini original

5x7" Oil


Each original piece is under $500 Cdn.

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