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Shannon Emmanuel Art

'Goodnight Moon' 11x14 Oil

'Goodnight Moon' 11x14 Oil

A bright moon glow, a fussy child soothed, the warmth of contact and the chill of night air resetting you both.

So many nights I’ve held, soothed, cuddled and calmed my children. Many nights it cost me energy, patience and frustration. Many times I tried to walk away to be a ‘good mom’, but it never worked. When I look back it was the feeling of carrying them through that remains some of my fondest moments.

'Goodnight Moon' is the endless celebration of the mom and child bond of nurture.  Featuring a grey sky with a bright moon, gold tones coming through and complimented with warm greens and deep, soft blues.

11x14 Oil on panel.

Unframed - painted on quality artist materials with Winsor. & Newton Oil paints


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