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Shannon Emmanuel Art

'Hydrangea', 'Peony' and 'Marigold' Collectible Art Cards

'Hydrangea', 'Peony' and 'Marigold' Collectible Art Cards

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If you love a little nonsense and oddness to spark your imagination you'll adore the triplets 'Hydrangea', 'Peony' and 'Marigold' for bringing that touch of whimsy to your life.

Each one has their own charming friend...'Marigold' has her honeybee, 'Peony' dances with the white moths and 'Hydrangea' is sharing with an adorable hummingbird. This trio will keep you smiling and dreaming of summer days all year long.

These premium quality art cards have a satin like finish and deep, saturated colours. While they are available as a postcard they are better suited as a framed piece of art. The lovely finish makes them difficult to write on but beautiful as keepsakes.

Each card is 5"x7" and of limited availability.

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