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Shannon Emmanuel Art

'Midday Sun' 10x10 Fine Art Print

'Midday Sun' 10x10 Fine Art Print

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A  classic linen blouse loosened at the cuff, as the hot Mediterranean sun beats down. As she looks into the distance she raises her arm to shield her eyes from the glare. A moments respite where the world stands still.

The strong shadows interplaying on her skin and shirt were what captivated me about this painting. Whether you are on the French Riviera or in your own backyard, lean back and feel the sun. This powerful portrait will definitely steal the show in your home or office.

Printed on 100% cotton rag with archival inks and hand signed by the artist along with a letter of authenticity, your fine art print has the soft, heavy texture and depth of colour you'd expect from a museum quality print.


Prints take a minimum 2 weeks to prepare for shipment. 

(Frames not included)


Inspiration images for the 'Gwen et Gloria' inspired collection were used with permission from the photographer. Find her on IG @gwenetgloriavintagestudio

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